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Linguistic Assessment Services for Public Servants

We are a private practice in Speech-Language Pathology with unique experience in evaluating second language-acquisition learners. We provide services to public servants who are concerned with language competence testing.

We evaluate clients through a careful intake interview, workplace/career inventory, and administration of a battery of tests. This process is finely tuned to identify minimal linguistic dysfunction which academic and psychological testing cannot isolate.

Who is Appropriate for the EEARS Program? (Evaluations, Exemptions, Accommodations, and Recommendations)

Anyone who works in an occupational setting where bilingualism is a requirement and necessary for advancement.

How does it work?

Testing takes 3 hours, and analysis, scoring and report writing can take 4 to 5 hours. An additional final hour is spent in a feedback/guidance session where we review your report and discuss our findings and recommendations. We provide you, your physician and your employer with a copy of your report. We meet with employers as requested. We provide you with official receipts.

Take our Quiz

  1. Do you keep taking Language Competency Exams and continue to fail the expressive subtests?
  2. Do you have difficulty focusing with background noise?
  3. Do you sometimes search for words when speaking in your native language?
  4. Do you have trouble spelling?
  5. Do you sometimes have trouble thinking “on your feet” and formulating an organized narrative in either your native language or your second language?
  6. Do you read slowly and deliberately, reading every word, rather than skimming?
  7. When you speak does the wrong word pop out from time to time, like “month” for “week” or “pile folder” for “file folder”.
  8. Are you someone whose marks in early grade school were not indicative of your innate brightness and did not match your perceived intelligence?
  9. Do you sometimes stutter on words or have fear of stuttering?
  10. Do you have trouble remembering names, for example, when introducing people?

If you answer ‘ yes’ to 3 or more of these questions, you could have a minimal language based learning disability which prevents you from achieving fluency in a second language.

  • You may benefit from a language evaluation that examines minimal linguistic dysfunction in your native language.
  • Such an evaluation may shed light and predict performance for foreign language competence testing.
  • You may be entitled to and benefit from: exemptions from certain bilingualism criteria, accommodations in the work place, alternative testing methods which are more functional, and other recommendations to help you perform optimally in a bilingual work environment.
  • Everyone has the right to optimal performance in the work place and fair treatment based on ability and linguistic profile.
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