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School/Classroom Workshops

Vocal Performance & Voice Care: Healthy Techniques for Kids

Target Group: Students grades 5-8

Half day Workshop

This workshop introduces children to the components of vocal production and use of the individual’s voice as a means of communication, a musical instrument, a social tool. Topics covered will include: anatomy and physiology of the voice, how to take care of your voice, exploration of articulation, volume, rate and intonation, the classroom oral presentation and speech competition.

Elocution & Etiquette for Kids: Talking Today, Preparing for Tomorrow

Target Group: Students grades 7-10

Half day Workshop

Effective speech and communication are goals worth pursuing. Talking is something we take for granted and seem to acquire with very little instruction.

Research shows that the more skillfully we use speech, the more successful we are at dealing with people. This workshop will show students how improving speech-habits and manners promotes social success. Other topics covered include: components of good speech, eye contact and body posture, changing speech habits, motivation for change, grammar, pronunciation, use of standard and non-standard English, slang, expressing opinions, daily interchange, register adjustment, voice mail, email, job interviews, introductions, and being gracious.

Workshops For Kids

Food, Friends & Fun: A Dining and Social Training Experience for Children

Target Group: Children ages 9-10, Learning Disabilities, Asperger's

5 hours of instruction, 2 snacks and 1 formal 3 course dinner provided

A social language skills and dining program for children with and without learning disabilities. i.e.: Asperger's, Nonverbal LD, speech and language delay, hearing impairment, the shy child etc. (Verbal skills must be functional). Through structured games and activities, students learn about telephone manners, issuing invitations, managing play dates and sleepovers, making conversation, preparing simple foods, table manners, origins of etiquette, why soup is seen and not heard, the only time it is acceptable to spit, and much, much more! We end our learning with participants preparing and eating a formal meal in an elegant dining setting, where we put into practice all that has been learned. A handbook for parents and child will be given on the last day.

Language & Memory Based Study Skills

Target Group: Children ages 10-14

6 hours

This Study Skills course is aimed at children with previous diagnosis of speech and language disorders, children with identified learning disabilities, the at risk learner, and the discouraged academic performer. Students will learn and practise techniques for focused listening, remembering, organizing, note-taking, studying, and test taking.

Dynamic Spelling: Spelling Strategies for Teens

Target Group: Students grades 7-10 / Chronic poor spellers

6 hours

A course to improve literacy skills in preparation for literacy testing. Improve spelling, higher level reading and vocabulary through Latin and Greek derivatives …the way our grandparents did!“ Rest of your life” fun learning about words. Learn the patterns of your own misspellings. Aimed at the older ‘poor speller’ and ‘reluctant reader’.

Programs For Teachers

Voice Care Workshop for Teachers

Target Group: School Teachers, Fitness Instructors, Professors and Clergy

3 hours

This workshop is intended for teachers, professors, instructors and public speakers who experience voice strain and fatigue. Both new and veteran teachers will benefit from breathing, speech, resonance and voicing techniques. Goals are to improve knowledge and use of the voice, and techniques for vocal hygiene and care. This course is not intended to identify vocal cord pathology or to provide therapy for any existing voice disorder.

Other Programs Available at the Speech, Voice & Language Clinic

Standard Speech and Language Evaluation and Therapy for all communication disorders

Parent Training Workshops

Executive Communication Programs

Hospital / Nursing Home Programs

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