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Referral Process

Physicians, Dentists and Other Agencies

Referrals may be made by email or fax. Please include: date of referral, client name, date of birth, work and home phone numbers, address with postal code, and the reason for the referral. We contact the client directly with an appointment. Our wait time on average is two weeks.

Please be advised that we are not equipped to serve clients with the following conditions: swallowing disorders, nonverbal individuals and traumatic brain injury.

Parents and Clients

Parents and clients may self refer by phone or email. Please leave a brief message of the problem you are inquiring about, as well as day and evening phone numbers, so we may contact you for a brief telephone intake meeting.

Is a Written Referral Necessary?

The client does not require a written referral in order to access our services. Most insurers however, will require a referral in order for the client to access insurance benefits. If you do have a physician or dentist referral, please bring it to your first assessment appointment so that we can include a copy in your chart. You will need to retain the original for your insurer.

For Doctors and Dentists: When to Refer

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